Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creative Tuesday - What I'm Doing on Summer Vacay (eh-hem, properly re-titled "Summer Break")*

I haven't participated in Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday's in a while. I've been lazy. It's the heat.

I'm blaming everything on the heat.

As a result, I've been doing a lot of indoor under the A/C activities like reading the Tarot cards. The piece I'm posting today was inspired by a new acquaintance's question when she heard that I read cards.

"Are you psychic?"

Fortune's Hand

The answer to that is, "Uh, no." I don't consider myself psychic. Well... no more than anyone else. And not in the way most people think when they ask that sort of question. (I don't see dead people.) I believe everyone has a certain amount of intuitive ability, some are just more in tune with  it than others. There are those with innate ability, sure, but anyone can learn to read the cards. If they're open to it.

It's like learning to play the piano. There are the rare musical savants, there are people who tickle the ivories with their toes, and there are those of us who never move beyond Chopsticks - everyone's approach and initial skill level is a little different. With time, effort, and lots of practice, it can be learned.

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*7/20/11 - I wouldn't want to be too inspired to think outside the box with the prompts. I'll try not to get too wrapped up in the flow next time and stick to the proper interpretation of the subject matter. Please forgive my artistic faux pas.


  1. Very unique and interesting entry. I love the color and details in it. Even though I'm no into any kind of card reading for fortune telling, I loved your explanation and using the example of the piano playing.

    Glad you are back in the loop with Creative Tuesdays. We all have our own particular brand of art, and it's so nice that we can all share on Mr. Toasts Creative Tuesdays.

    Have a great day!

  2. I agree about the intuition. Some folks don't realize the powers they have. Such a great entry. Great color and a good indoor activity. I do these kinds of things, fortune telling, reading tea leaves etc, at my grands and friends children's birthday parties. I get my skills from being a nurse and zeroing into body language and assessments of appearance. What fun.

  3. lovely piece! The hand really grabs my attention.

  4. Very interesting post...I had my fortune by cards or anything else although I havebeen tempted on the boardwalk in Atlantic city a few times! I agree that everyone has some intuitive ability. Often I knows who will e calling before the phone rings. Love your illustration. :-)

  5. A very original idea for the theme. I love all the different shades of blue in the hand and agree with your take on intuition. Keep enjoying your AC!

  6. I love this piece!! It is so interesting, with so much depth! Fabulous!!
    I read tarot too!! How awesome is it to meet someone else!!
    Enjoy the summer!

  7. Lovely piece, love the birds! I see in your Good Reads you have Miss Peregrine, loved it!

  8. Interesting (the word of the post :D) , Glad you are not seeing duppies :). Just remember Tarot can also lie or trick.
    I really like your art piece.

  9. This piece looks amazing Holly! The shading of the palm is very forceful but I agree with Missy, the birds are what my eyes kept coming back to. I love birds! Not so much in real life, but I love them for what they represent in art work and literature.