Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Putting the "Cor!" in Decorating

Now that I have the outside of the house done, I'm going to have to turn my attention to the inside. That, to me, is the hard part of this whole project. I do not have an eye for this sort of thing... this decorating. I know what I like when I see it (thus the source of the impulse buying issue I seem to have), but I have no idea how to put it all together. Most of the time I'm completely content with living out of boxes. Ask my friend, J9. We lived in a very cool townhouse in Boulder, Colorado, (I still miss that place) for several years and there were many, many boxes that I never bothered to unpacked.

I believe my official decorating style is "eclectic". Which is a nice way to say I have a hobo's collection of random crap. This year my efforts concerning Holly House are going to be geared toward making some sort of sense of it all. Also, getting rid of stuff that doesn't make sense and that I don't love/need because quarters at Holly House are limited where storage is concerned.

For instance, consider the main bathroom upstairs. It is SMALL, so everything that goes in there makes a BIG impact. (I what it lacks in size it makes up for in character with the light fixture, the floor tile, the subway wall tile, the swimming pool bathtub...) Take the shower curtain for instance. I could use some advice on this one.

To shower curtain...


Not to shower curtain?

That is the question of the moment.

Now my first (cowardly) impulse, because I really admire the Scandinavian style of design and decorating, would be to leave it with the clear curtain or get a white fabric shower curtain with some kind of texture to it, then add some colorBAM with towels and things. That seems a little too safe though. The cityscape curtain that I have is fantastic. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Once you get use to it hanging up, it seems less overwhelming in the small space.

Yes, I did hang it up straight out of the package to get an idea of how it would look, so it's kind of wrinkly. I don't iron my bedsheets either. Sorry to disappoint the Marthas in the crowd.

Aren't these shower curtain hangers great?

I already tried a couple of other curtains, but their patterns and colors were waaaay too much. Let me know what you think. With? Without? Or Plan C (which you will have to provide, because I don't have a Plan C)?


  1. Okay first of all...who irons bed sheets? I really don't see sense in that.

    Second of all...

    personally I like the clear shower curtain. But as we have discussed previously that could be because I am always terrified of some lunatic trying to murder me in the bathtub like in Psycho so I prefer to be able to look out around me and see who is out there. That being said, the cityscape curtain may still be see through, and if that is the case then I say; if it makes you smile go for it.

    Also, if it is not see through, well, you may not have a fear of lunatics trying to murder you in the shower, so I would say; if it makes you smile go for it.

    I do think the sheer curtain doesn't make it appear as closed off though.

    I can't wait to see the place!

  2. I like the cityscape. Personally if I get knifed in the bathroom I'd prefer to wrap my dying body in some busy print that might make me appear slimmer...

    I think the cityscape is whimsical, although it depends on your design tastes. Plain would be more minimalist, so it just depends on you. However if you feel the need to go plain, Bittner has my address so that you can send me my new cityscape shower curtain!

  3. Seriously, where did you buy it from?

  4. I think the cityscape, it really (for me at least) makes the floor tiles pop. I personally love that sort of style, I think it adds some personality to the place. Although my Mother has to approve any decorating plans I have as I don't have the particularly conservative taste that she feels is the only way.

  5. You know, I like the decorative shower curtain. I have glass panels in my shower, and while I will vouch for its superiority for comfort over curtains (no soggy cold curtains sticking to your skin), they're just not quite as interesting.

    Thanks for saying hi at my blog - you said I sometimes make you laugh that you pee a little. That's probably one of the coolest compliments I've received. I certainly hope to keep writing in a way that will have you breaking out the Depends. ;)