Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Blogger Hop 1/14

This looked like a fun way to wile away a few minutes...

Hosted at Crazy For Books

The question comes from Barb at Sugarbeats Books.
"Why do you read the genre you do? What draws you to it?"

Though some of the BookBabes selections have forced me to read outside of my typical literary comfort-zone, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Mystery are my genres of choice. I like my books to have distinct good guys and bad guys and I like the good guys to win - whether they are swing a sword, a light saber, or a scalpel used for autopsies. Good vs. Evil, Knight vs. Dragon, Skywalker vs. Vader, or Detective vs. Serial Killer, I enjoy a book that involves a quest to end the Evil. There's comfort in knowing in the end the bad guy pays for his evil deeds, especially since in real life it doesn't always wrap up that way.

With the Fantasy and Sci-Fi -- and the occasional mystery -- you also get the additional benefit of traveling a foreign country and visiting distant (light years, in some cases) lands. I luurve me some exotic locales. Not to mention the exotic locals. Bring on the elves and aliens, dude.

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