Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Holly House Diaries 1/11- 1/16/11


I am officially a home owner
   I'm still not sure how I feel about it
      My Gypsy itches.


Is it weird that I have numerous pieces of furniture with wheels on?
    That my first thought before purchase is "Can I add casters?"
         Like I am going to ride a coffee table to town?
              Where is the furniture going to go?
I should have built a vardo.

Guy with a lisp came to measure for a fence
    Even if the quote is outrageous, I will feel bad if I don't buy from him
        Stupid speech impediment


Bought a medicine cabinet
    Dad said he could install. No problem. Fifteen minutes.

He couldn't. It was. An hour.
    Torn all to hell and hanging by a thread.
          I wanted to scream.
I have to start over.


I love my little house. It isn't finished.
    It may never be. That's okay.
         I am a work-in-progress, too.

The bathtub is one of the best things about the house. It's as deep as a swimming pool (no diving!) and the edge is curved to cradle your back and neck like the palm of a hand. Filled with aqua-blue, endlessly hot and steaming, slightly earth-scented well water, it's the most relaxing place on the planet. One hour long soak in it is better than twenty trips to a therapist.


  1. It's so sweet of you to build a house just for my visit in May. Heck, now that we have an adorable house in OK we may even stay!

    Did you ever choose a shower curtain?

  2. I have a room that has a sign on the door "*insert current guest's name here*'s Room. KEEP OUT!" - fourth grade style - for friends and fellow couch surfers. Feel free to avail yourself of the (extremely limited) amenities of Holly House! Random visitation in the night from the resident polydactal cat during your stay! No cable! No ice! Squeaky blow up mattress on request! Supply your own towels! Experience camping conditions without the tent! Free busted-up medicine cabinet when you make your reservations today!

    Actually it IS more fun than it sounds. Maybe by May the conditions won't be so... rustic. :))

    I went with the cityscape because it makes me happy. Happiness is very hard for me to come by at 5:30AM on a Monday morning as I'm getting ready for work. Anything that can crack a smile at that point I'm going with it.

  3. Oh, Holly, you are too funny!

    Also- My couch has wheels under it. Sometimes if I plop myself down with too much force it moves like an inch. But I like it!

    Two more months and then we get to come see your house!!! I'm super excited!

  4. You make me want to own my own house. Something which I have never wanted to do before but you make me want to have one and fill it with things that make it clear to the world that it is I who lives in the house.