Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Going On?

I got up late. The alarm either didn't go off, or I was so dead to the world that I slept through it. Twice.

The clothes I'd thrown in the clothes dryer last night planning to wear today were still wet. I never turned the dryer on.

As I started to pour Beckett's kibble, I noticed several remaining cat food fragments at the bottom of his bowl were moving. Upon closer inspection I realized each piece was covered with millions of teeny tiny ants. I followed the dark line of tiny troops across the tile and to the spot where they were streaming in under the trim in the back room.

I believe it's called an infestation.

My mascara is MIA. I turn out my purse, gym bag, and car floor mats and I still can't find it. I resign myself to going to work with beady, unmascaraed, piggy eyes.

The last bagel, the only bread in the entire house, burnt to a cinder in the toaster setting off the smoke alarm while I was upstairs drying my hair. Not a problem. I threw the bagel out into the backyard for the birds, who happen to love burnt bakery items of any sort, and raised the windows to let out the smoke. As I picked up my cup of tea and my plate and turned to take them to the table, both of my eggs slid off the plate and into the floor.

OK. What the hell??!

I went to the cards. Here's what I got...

I need to increase my focus by being more present in the now. No looking off and contemplating the future with dreamy eyes. Center and ground. No daydreaming. Focus, focus, focus. I should probably meditate at lunch for a few minutes. It doesn't help that I haven't gotten any vitamin D this week. Time to get outside a bit today (even if it's hot as the hubs of hell), and take in some sunshine. Don't let this morning set the tone for the rest of your day. It'll be fine.

Whew. Good to know.

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  1. when I have mornings like that I bust out the soundtrack to RENT and/or Hairspray and dance around my living room like a fool!

    I hope the rest of your day is fantastic!