Thursday, September 22, 2011

Young Homie You A Genius, Yo

I am usually able to resist reality contest TV, no prob.

American Idol? Meh.

Dancing with the Stars? Whatev.

Survivor? Puh-leeze.

Bachelor/ette? The Voice? Big Brother? America's Got Talent? The Apprentice? Pffft.

Last night, pulled down by exhaustion into the inexorable gravity of the couch, I found my self succumbing to the last hour of the XFactor. I was just about to turn it off and go to bed when the last contestant, a 28 year old by the name of Chris Rene was called up. Watching him meander onto the stage wearing a oversized, white t-shirt, baggy pants, floppy, unlaced shoes, and a hat worn at an annoyingly jaunty angle, my reaction was an eye roll and a label of "punk". Then, when asked what song he planned to perform, he told the judges he was going to sing "Young Homie", an original number that he'd written himself. I smirked and sat back to watch the insanity commence.

Anyone who has ever watched this type of show knows that when a contestant says "I'm going to sing a piece I wrote myself" that they are officially crazycakes. Given the way the judges reacted to his announcement, they knew it too. I think Simon was already motioning for security.


By the time he finished, I was covered in goosebumps and had tears rolling down my face. I felt like I got a look at his soul as he performed on stage. Seriously, even if this kid doesn't go all the way, I see a big... no make that HUGE record deal in his future. I'm rooting for him. Young homie, you a genius, yo.


  1. My favorite part: "My son's gonna see that!"


  2. It can happen. The one good thing about these shows is that some REALLY talented people get a chance. Most of them shouldn't be let near a microphone, but it can work for some.

  3. Oh my God, damn you. Damn you, woman. I just put ON this eyeliner.

    Good for that guy, seriously. May he stay sober and do great things. Awesome!

  4. That's so awesome - those are my favorite parts of reality shows. Which is why I don't have to actually watch them, as you'll be good enough to share them online!

  5. Holly that was amazing! I have never watched the X factor but I watched the clip you provided and loved it! When he first started I couldn't really understand what he was saying and I was worried that was how the whole song would be, but once he really started going it was so different! And when it was over and he was getting all teary eyed, I almost cried! But I'm a crier so that is to be expected :)