Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Am the Anti-Fashionista

Lately I've been working on a few simple drawings in a series of my favorite things.

I would never be classifed as a shoe maven. To me, shoes are practical items meant to protect your feet from pointy rocks, stickers, and spiders that need smooshing. It's the one thing that I am practical about.

Though when I find a pair of shoes I like, it's true love. The forever kind of love. Love through thick and thin, weathering every storm.

Recently a friend had to stage an intervention to get me to throw away a pair of shoes that I had worn so long that they had been reduced to flip flops. (They started out as patent leather mary-jane flats.)

I wore them almost every day.

I wore them until water seeped through the holes.

I wore them until the soles tore away from the uppers.

Then I wore them some more.

I wore them until my friend said, "Holybabyjebus, I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!! You look like a hobo! Give me those stupid, stinky, pathetic shoes. I can't stand to hear you shwip-shwopping around this place anymore. They've had their time and now they've gotta go."

When I turned to try and run/shuffle away as quickly as possible with my shoes shwip-shwopping, they tackled me around the knees, forcibly removed the shoes, and threw them in the garbage.

I'm not ashamed to say there were a few tears shed.

Now I've found a new pair of shoes to love.

Unfortunately, they are so expensive that I will only ever own the one pair. That's alright though. When it's true love, who needs others?


  1. I don't even get that gooey about books. Maybe it's a woman thing? Maybe I'm being sexist? Or maybe it's because I'm from the planet Vulcan and this is just illogical.

  2. Fluevogs are the best thing EVER. I have one pair of their shoes and one pair of their sandals and if I was rich I could buy a ton more of their funkiness. Sadly I am not rich. I'm not a giant shoe person either, but those are just the most comfy, well made, delicious and weird shoes ever.

  3. OK, yet another reason you should head out this way for a visit: there is a Fluevog store in Seattle. Back in the day, my cousin had a pair of pink patent leather Mary Jane Fluevogs that she rarely took off. Because why would you need to, right?

  4. What are Fluevogs?

    Hold on, I'll google it...

    Okay, Holly, I'm not much of a shoe person so I don't know how valid my opinion is, but the most I've ever spent on shoes was the $70 I spent on my NewBalance walking shoes. Fluevogs are cute, but they are a little out of my league.

  5. I just googled them, I can't even afford the ones on sale! Although if I could I would totally get the gray Adrian Allison shoes, they're too cute! Mostly I get shoes at Target and I'm thankful that flats are back in style since me in heels in like Bambi on ice... well, Bambi on ice having a seizure.

  6. I've been wearing the same pair of shoes for a year. But not to worry - I fit these charcoal impregnated things into them so they don't smell. And I wash my feet twice a day. When I am at my daughters I take them off and her cats wraps himself around my feet and keeps them ever so warm.

  7. hobos and shoes and Holly = swoon

  8. Martin - It's definitely a Vulcan thing.

    VegKillah - You and me girl, we'd make the best rich people EVER.

    Heidi - Add it to my ever growing list of things I Lurve About Seattle: 1. Heidi & Fams 2. Fluevog store

    Bittner - They are out of my league, too. *sigh* But a girl can dream...

    Kate - Lurve the Adrian Allison. Practical, yet funky. You would rock them.

    Author Doc - As long as the cats still approve of your feet, you're good. If they ever start avoiding them, you'll know it's time to change the inserts.

    Flight - Combine all that and a pair of overalls and you'd have a grand mal.