Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Fun Times

What happens when it rains, you're bored, and you're broke?

'Stache happens.


 "Why me? WHY??"

That's what his eyes are saying.

This post was inspired by the mysterious mustachios at...


  1. Know what he's thinking? He's thinking, "I know where you sleep, honey, and when you're next out? I am taking a huge sh*t on your pillow."

    :) I laughed.

  2. Emmy always has that long suffering look on her face when I try to put clothes on her (she has the cutest Halloween sweater), but it's payback for her taking all the best leg space in bed!

  3. Awe, Obi is adorable! I have a few sweaters and stuff for Riley, but he actually doesn't fight me to much on wearing them. However, my sister got him a hat for christmas that has little elf ears and everything, he hates that one.

  4. I can just grow one myself. I tried a Tom Selleck, but it ended up looking so wrong.

  5. For a second... I thought you were announcing you got a finger mustache tattoo.

    Sadly, not yet...

    (p.s. Those photos are SO freaking cute I can't even handle it.