Sunday, December 25, 2011

2012 Art Project

Every year I assign myself an art project to work on.

Mainly I do this assignment to keep myself out of trouble (idle hands are the devil's somethingorother) and to provide a break from writing while still exercising my creative muscles.

This year, in the spirit of the journal that I've always kept, I'm going to assign myself a project using a particular product.
I've heard about SMASH journals for a couple of years now. For a while they were so hot you couldn't find them anywhere because they were always sold out and the back orders were six months behind. They are touted as the "unscrapbook", where messy is beautiful and heck of a lot more representative of a person's real life. The journal comes with a variety of paper and a pen that is inky on one end and gluey on the other for quick, just-smash-it-in options. 

Now, I'm not sure exactly how this is going to be a different experience from me just using a Moleskine as my art journal, but several people I trust have sworn by them. Does it seems counterproductive to be "creative" using a bunch of pre-package products? Wouldn't it be more creative to start out with a completely blank slate and not be hampered by the use of specifically designed, SMASH-trademarked bits and bobs?

Guess I'll find out. I'm not going to invest a whole bunch of cash though. I'm going to buy the journal, and take a pass on the extras like little SMASH pockets, SMASH sticky notes, SMASH tabs and SMASH clips. Seems a bit of a racket. 


  1. I've never heard of a SMASH journal but it sounds interesting. I don't really keep up with any scrap books at all, and the journal I am keeping this year will be the first one that I've ever actually completed...

    which reminds me I was supposed to write in it today!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Those look cool! And Courtney, don't you have a journal that you and Kate pass back and forth between the two of you? And Holly, don't you do the same kind of thing? My friends from high school and I used to have art journals that we'd sometimes collaborate in, but I haven't really had one since college. I think I may need to start one up again!

  3. Me likes. I'd like to say that I'm creative but I am all about prepackaged 'ideas.' Thanks for the intro, Hollywolly☺