Friday, February 18, 2011

Flower Power

I love getting flowers.

I know some people would rather not receive them because they believe flowers are just a waste of money.

"Sure, they look pretty, but they just die. I would rather have something a little more permanent. Like a diamond," an office co-worker said to me earlier this week.

Not that I would turn down a diamond (what crazy person would turn down anything that goes sparkle?), but I think flowers are a wonderful gesture and every bit as lovely. I wish I got them every day.


  1. sure getting diamonds or more tangible items is always great, but who doesn't like getting flowers?
    those are beautiful by the way!!!!
    no one has ever sent me flowers.

  2. I'm with you! Just turn down flowers because they'll die? That's like not eating anything because you'll just get hungry again!

  3. Courtney - Weeeeell now, we will just have to remedy that situation. Everyone deserves flowers.

    Danui - I know, RIGHT?!

    One 1/8th - They aren't from a guy. T and I just started seeing each other again. (We'll see if that works out.) These flowers came from appreciative casino employees who were thanking me for all my patient effort with a troublesome issue. How great is THAT??