Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holly House - Winter Hazards

I think the big icicle in the middle is stalking me. It's waiting for an unsuspecting person (me) to pass beneath it then it will lunge, breaking free of the gutter to skewer its prey (also me). I have named it Stabby.
Stabby Sickle and Friends.

Pictured below is a fossilized frozen femur of a brontosaurus. Actually, it's a portion of a giant icicle that crashed down onto my A/C unit in the middle of the night with a noise that sounded like my home was being invaded by a gang of Abominable Snowmen. 


  1. This snow thing just keeps getting cooler. (See what I did there?)

  2. I can only imagine. no icicles here in Colorado. in fact, no snow around either. Isn't that funny?

  3. Ooo, naming icicles! I like this game.

    I think I'll name the icicle on top of another icicle outside of house the Twins of Horrible Puncture and Icy Death.