Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Glorious Morning Glory Muffin

Since having a close brush with a series of deadly tornados earlier this week, my general attitude towards life has been "every day above ground (alive/not cowering in a storm shelter) is glorious". When I came across the America's Test Kitchen recipe for Morning Glory Muffins, I knew they would be perfectly suited to my mood. What's more cheerful and soothing than a muffin fresh from the oven?

Ahhhhh... muffin therapy.

They were a little work intensive for a girl who's idea of the perfect breakfast muffin is a 70cent box of Jiffy fauxberry muffin mix. For the most part, I would say they were worth the extra effort. The recipe called for all sorts of healthy goodness - once you got past the flour, sugar and an entire stick of butter - coconut, walnuts, apple, carrot, pineapple, and golden raisins. It made a batch of 15 good sized muffins.  

Dressed up in a butter hat...

Or rolling totally casual.
I ate five in a span of about 20 minutes. I have no self-control when it comes to baked goods. For my own continued health and well-being, I split the remaining muffins between the work crew and my neighbor. Everyone who ate one claimed they were excellent and went on to live a normal life, so I think I can give this recipe a thumbs up. The taste was very good particularly if you like your muffins a bit more hearty and less like a cupcake. The work involved toasting the coconut and walnuts, grinding, grating, whisking, etc. (vs. cracking open a box of Jiffy and adding an egg) seemed intensive to produce a humble muffin though. For this Morning Glory Muffins recipe, I give it... 

7.5 Toques


  1. Yum... Even if its more work it sure sounds good... All those ingredients and no fear of butter, what could be better?

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and for you lovely comments,, now let me try these muffins,, I've never made these but I have saw them,, yum!

  3. I'm more of a cupcake-muffin girl myself. Especially ones with chocolate in them!