Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Weekend in the Laboratory...

...otherwise know as the Kitchen, I cooked up my very first Stromboli.

What is a stromboli you ask? No, it is not a strumpet playing a a trombone in Tripoli like I first thought. Turns out it's like the worlds largest pizza pocket. Or a miniature replica of a spice worm from the movie Dune.

Pizza Pocket or Spice Worm? You Decide.

For an America's Test Kitchen recipe, it was surprisingly easy to make. Starting out with a pop-tube of refrigerated pizza dough, you layer on provolone, salami, capocollo, roasted red peppers and shredded Parmesan. Then you roll it up in a tube, pinch the ends shut, brush the top with some beaten egg, and sprinkle with a little coarse salt and sesame seeds. Bake, slice, and eat hot out of oven with a side of marinara. Then open your mouth like a beached grouper, and wave your hands uselessly in front of your piehole while sucking air because the molten cheese has melded itself to the roof of your mouth and given you 3rd degree stromboli burns the length and breadth of your soft palate.

 But it was a good pain and totally worth talking with a lisp for the next three days.

Next time, I'll use a lean ham instead of the capocollo to make it a bit less greasy. For ease of preparation and sheer nummy goodness I give it...

8.8 Toques


  1. Stromboli!! I want some. Badly.

    And I think the fact that you use "stromboli" and not "calzone" might say something about where you're from. I remember having an argument with a friend from a different part of the country about it once.

    But then again, we asked at an Italian restaurant, and they said something vague about size. I should ask Google to weigh in on this critical topic.

  2. I dunno. One is a tube (stromboli) and one is a folded over pizza (calzone)? I'm guessing though. I read that a calzone has ricotta, and after that whole lasagna fiasco I'm never eating ricotta again. Blech.

  3. Oooh, I love me some America's Test Kitchen. To watch. I have not attempted a recipe, so I commend you Holly. Also, this looks totally yummy and I would have done the same thing as far as stuffing it in my mouth the second it came out of the oven.

  4. MMMMM. I must try this one. Thanks for the heads up on the molten cheese.