Monday, November 8, 2010

Peer Pressure - A Victim's Perspective

Okay. I did it. I caved in to the pressure like a bad souffle, and I am not above blaming it on my friends.

I've started a blog.

And here's where my voice starts to take on a highly annoying, whiny tone... everyone else had one and I was starting to feel left out.

As soon as I typed that previous sentence I heard my mother's voice in my head pose the familiar, age-old question, "If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" The answer to that is obviously, "Yes. Yes, I would. I would cast my self willingly into the void like the lemming that I obviously am."

At the last BookBabes gathering I was the only one who didn't have some sort of bloggery presence online. One individual, who shall remain nameless, had her beautifully customized blog for over a year and had yet to write a single post. But at least she had one. As everyone was exchanging URLs, I felt distinctly left out of the inner blogging circle.

"I have 51 followers now, all of whom think I am brilliant and witty," said one of the Babes, as she knocked back a stiff belt of wine. "They leave me comments and wonderful words of praise."

Well, damn. I had to have some of that. It sounded about as close to having minions/ worshippers as I'm liable to get.

There is a certain amount of pressure to perform, however, that comes with establishing a blog. There is an expectation that I must do something worthy of writing about in order to justify my narcissistic activity. I feel like I need to lead a much more interesting life in order to keep the followers coming to place their lavish gifts at the foot(er) of my blog/altar. I want to be one of those benevolent bloggers who showers their followers with hilarity and wisdom. Given the kind of life I lead though, unintentional hilarity is likely to ensue, but I can't promise anything that even vaguely resembles wisdom, unless it's the please-learn-from-the-following-painful-mistakes-I-have-made variety.

Having been on the follower/friend end of the issue, I also am fully aware of what it is like to receive too much information. I love some of these same people to the point of distraction, but, seriously, I DO NOT NEED TO KNOWexactly when, where, how, why and what bodily functions are performed every time they go to the loo. Shit happens. I get it. I love you, but it's fine if I don't know certain things. We're still friends, I promise.

To spare my followers (the number I expect to reach triple digits aaaany second now) a torturous litany of stream of consciousness blather and loo status reports broadcast like it's important news from the front, I swear, if it comes to that, I will willingly cast my blog into the void.


  1. Well, I must say that I think the world needs your blog, Holly. This post made me laugh out loud multiple times! And I must say that I like the title and design as well! And yeah, I don't need to know about your trips to the loo, but if you deem them important to blog about, we'll still be friends. ;)

  2. I love your blog too Holly! I absolutely love the title and laughed several times as well! The only thing is now that you have one, I'll be checking it daily! :) so you better not go more then a week without blogging, or as Andrea can verify, I get really a little testy!

  3. Well now you too can bask in the warm glow of comment love and followers! Bittner might have suggested I read your blog, but I'm choosing to follow because your post made me laugh. Looking forward to reading more (no pressure to go out into the world and get into a high speed chase or to give it a whirl as a crocodile wrestler, pithy comments on mundane subjects will suffice!)

  4. You totally called me out! DAMN! Now I'm gonna have to actually start writing...oh the pressure! So excited you started blogging...the world needs a Holly blog. Fo sho.

  5. mwwwaaahhhaaahhhaaa!!! This was great!! You had better write weekly...or even daily!! I prefer you post on Monday...that would start my week off much better!!

  6. Awww!! Thanks guys! You are the best followers EVER.