Monday, November 29, 2010

Two of My Favorite Things - Together at Last!

Like peanut butter and pickles, blue moon and a slice of orange, jalapenos and popcorn (that one's for you Brian), finally two of my favorite things have come together in one fabulous Spielbergian package...


Watch the Trailer

Not to mention the presence of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford on the same silver screen rates high on my dream combo scale - right under Dr. Tran and that voiceover guy.

Dr. Tran - He's a REAL Doctor

Corny, you say? Hokey, perhaps? Yeah, well, when the movie comes out and everyone is like "HELLS yeah!" I will say "Hey, remember when you scorned the subject? You said, 'Bah! (you will actually have said the word 'bah!' which in itself is a crime.) Cowboys and aliens? Are you kidding? That's the most ridiculous idea for a movie I have ever heard!' Remember when you said that?" Then the crowd will turn on you and proceed to mock you unmercifully until you cry like a baby. Daniel Craig will personally pen you a scathing note. Harrison Ford will probably be his usual grumpy, crusty self, so how can you ever tell when he is upset with you, but oh, you will know. You. Will. Know.

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