Saturday, April 9, 2011


7:00am - I'm up, I'm up. Sun is rising, tea is brewing, toast is... well, toasting, and I am reading. Starting out with something easy on my list 'cause my brain hurts this early on Saturday. Wolf-Speaker by Tamora Pierce, prepare to be read-a-thonned! (Pretty sure that's a word, read-a thonned, but as it is too early for me to care if it isn't...)

1 comment:

  1. Good Morning Holly!

    I'm off to work but I wanted to cheer you on before I left! This early in the morning I need coffee BAD! So I can't think of a cute cheer to add to this. Wait til Kate comes by she has great cheers!

    All I've got is GOOOOOOOOOOO HOLLY!!! WHOO!!!

    Did you add your name on the kick off link this morning? Once you do a lot of other cheerleaders will come by to root for you!