Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Hour Is It?? - Read-A-Thon

Ooooer. I'm not doing so well with my Read-A-Thon. I had a bad case of the restless today, which I am blaming on this infernal wind. Seriously?! I know it's all about "when the wind comes sweeping down the plains" around here, but this is freaking ridiculous. Finally I'd had enough of being cooped up and I went the the grand opening of a friends nursery, had lunch with another friend and my mum, stopped at Pink Swirl for yogurt, picked up a few things at Lowes, watered the lawn, planted three new containers for the porch, and basically spent a significant chunk of time outdoors avoiding my TBR pile.

By the time I came inside to escape the wind and do some more reading, it felt like I'd been beaten with a stick, my eyeballs were embedded with grit, and all of my exposed skin was covered with a fine dusting of grime. My hair is so tangled I doubt I will be able to yank a brush through it. Ever. I may have to shave my head and start over.

Even the outside critters have started to migrate indoors to attempt to escape the ravages of the wind. I just smashed a spider the size of a Volkswagen. *Shudder* He was so huge I thought if I attempted to smack him with my flip-flop he'd yank it out of my hand and proceed to beat me to death with it. Instead I went with the big gun, a cowboy boot. It got the job done, but now I'm going to have to mop. Gross.

I have finished Wolf Speaker, Scarlet Feather, Dojo Wisdom for Writers, Buffy Season8Vol7Twilight. Half-way through the second chapter, I threw Stalking Ivory against the wall. How did it ever get published? Such terrible writing. Dreadful garbage. I want my life back. The author should be sued for inhumane treatment of the public at large. The Lincoln Lawyer was the next book in the pile and so far it hasn't induced any similar fits of rage. Michael Connelly better thank his lucky stars for that, too, because I still have that cowboy boot and I am not afraid to use it.

Maybe I should carb-load now. The lack of proper snackage at the appropriate intervals has made me very irritable.


  1. Somehow I am still going. How'd you like Scarlet Feather? I'm sure Bittner's already told you of our shared love for all things Binchy.

    North to South, East to West,
    Readathon Readers are the Best
    Sea to Sea and Coast to Coast,
    Readathon Readers Read the Most!
    Yay, Readathon!

  2. Wow Holly!

    -even though I'm at my house and you are at yours, I'm channeling Wayne and Garth and bowing down in the "I'm not worthy" salute to you right now!

    I failed! I only finished one book and it was the audio book that I was already half way through. I read 8 pages of my poetry, 17 pages of the letters, about 50 pages in the graphic novel, and 136 pages in the YA novel I was reading!

    But I tried to just "close my eyes" just before 10 and I crashed, and I mean I crashed hard! I only just woke up like 10 minutes ago!

    I'm so excited that you finished Scarlet Feather. My fear was that no one would since at my last time to host, you, Andrea, and I were the only ones to read my book. But I've got you, Andrea, me, and Mandy, and I think Tracy should be able to finish it. Whoo Hoo! Now I just hope nobody hated it!

  3. WHAAAT??! Failure is not an option, Bittner. I am coming over (to your blog) to give you a much needed bolstering. Probably doing all that cheering and herding people toward my blog tuckered you out. Being perpetually awesome does that.

    Kate - Thank you so much for all your cheers and encouragement. I now know why you and Bittner are friends. Besides bonding over Binchy, you're both fabbity-fab.