Friday, August 26, 2011

Autumn is Coming! Autumn is Coming!

This was the first morning I felt the cool touch of autumn in the air.

Thank you, sweet baby Jebus.

For the last two months the average temperature during the day has been 103degrees. We haven't come close to getting the minimal rainfall due for this time of year. Crops have withered, ponds, lakes, and rivers have dried up. Today the cashier at the grocery store handed me my receipt and said, "Have a blessed day and pray for rain."

It has been too hot for me to even drink my coffee in the morning, resulting in severe caffeine withdrawals.

Shut up in the house for two months where I've done nothing but sit on the couch and sweat and scowl, I've become a terror to be around. This morning was the first day I've been happy to be alive since summer began. I look forward to the day I can return to drinking coffee.

So does everyone else.

Now you have a blessed day and don't forget to pray for rain.


  1. Wow, I guess if all you've been doing is sweating and scowling then it is a good thing I haven't seen you in two months!

    I don't let anything keep me from my coffee in the morning! That would be dangerous!

  2. Try Britain. Our summers are full of rain. We go without for a week and we think it's a drought.

  3. I feel all hot just reading this - thank goodness you've finally returned to a humane temperature!

  4. Holly, I didn't think I was ready for summer to end, but then I spent the weekend getting a sunburn and all of a sudden long sleeves and cool weather sound pretty appealing. Enjoy your coffee!

    And also, I will totally photograph your wedding to David Tennant. :)

  5. Winter is my favourite season, Autumn a close second. All my friends spend all year waiting for summer and then complain cause it's took hot (although I'm a true Brit so we mostly just get warm rain) but I spend all year waiting for the snow, just love it!

  6. Too hot for coffee Holly? I'm surprised at you! They drink coffee in Hell, I'm sure of it. Decaf of course.