Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feelin' the Luuurve for Moleskine Journals

Moleskine Journals - The Legendary Notebooks

Something about them...

Smooth, creamy paper.

Plain black cover.

The elastic band that secures it closed with a snap.



Obviously I am a fan. (See a few of my Moleskine Doodles, here, here, and here.)

But for some artists, the cover of a Moleskine journal cries out for embellishment. The selections for today's Random Sh*t I Think is Cool post are from three such individuals. They've never meet a blank Moleskine cover they didn't luuurve.

The first three can be found at Nowvember's shop.

Embroidered Typewriter appeals to the writer in me.

Kitteh haz layzur beamz and iz not fraid to use dem.

Put the product of your tasty brain in this Moleskine.

 These three are found at Sabletoothtiger.

Whenever I read a particularly good book, I always wish I had thought of it first.

Says "Sad Poems About Unicorns and other stuff I never got for xmas".
I find unicorns and red-eyed demon bunnies frightening, and yet strangely appealing.

Great place to store your own personal Nostradamus. Or would it be Nostradami?
(Did you see that bunny move?? I swear I saw it twitch. Creepy.)

This one is from Blackbird & Peacock.

My taste in music = Not Cool
My taste in Moleskines = Cool


  1. I really like that last one! Those headphones look awesome!

    And I really also LOVED my cheer! I finished The Collector today! That is the book that Tracy wrote and it couldn't help but remind me that a certain other friend of mine offered to let me read some of their writing...

    hint hint hint!

    I'm hinting for you to let me read your work...in case that wasn't clear!