Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Guy is Giving Hillbillies a Bad Name

I've decided to invent a new word.

Now that I have a blog, I can do that. It's in the rules.

Dis-hillbillity (dis-hil-bil-i-tee)

Scenario: A 25 year old man dressed in a black tank top and torn jeans sits on the porch of his mobile home drinking beer with his skinny-as-a-rat-tail, backward-hat-wearing friend while his pregnant wife pushes a lawnmower through waist-high grass in 100+ degree heat while trying to kick away a mongrel dog nipping at her ankles.*

Useage: "I cain't mow the lawn because three years ago I hurt mah back. Ima on the dis-hillbillity," he said as he took another swig from his bottle.

*Actually witnessed.


  1. You sure that's even his spawn in there? Perhaps the "friend" is just waiting for that critter to pop out to see if it has his nose?

  2. You sure that dog ain't actually beggin' that girl to load him up with her and escape for their lives?

  3. I love it! I didn't know that inventing our own words was in our contracts for being bloggers! I'm going to have to start thinking of what words I can invent now.

    I loved your descriptions of what you witnessed but I also really loved reading all of OneEighthWiteBodewadmi's comments! Hilarious!

  4. 1/8 - Those are very good questions. The only one that I can give a sure answer on is the last one. I'm dead certain you aren't related. :))

    Bittner - You didn't get the memo? It's an addendum to the Blogosphere Handbook, page 49, Section 144, paragraph K. Yes, you are allowed to invent your own vocabulary.