Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Evils of Dodgeball

My friend and I have a game where once a month we exchange an "artistic" prompt and we have to produce a piece in any medium using that prompt. My prompt for this month was "Innocence Destroyed".

Immediately I thought of the elementary school child's first experience with the game of dodgeball.

Yeah. Totally jacked up.

Yes, that is a picture of me. Yes, that is a pair of overalls. Yes, my mother is responsible for the Prince Valiant bowl haircut which I think she cut with a pair of nail scissors. Is it any wonder I'm not a serial killer?


  1. Holly, this is perfection on every level.

  2. Holly, thank you for stopping by today, I love it when you visit! Your comments are the BEST!

  3. Thanks Heidi! Your posts inspire the comments, so keep the good times coming.

    Flight - I am not surprised you find overalls hot, you all-american male urban farmer you! :))

  4. Ugh, dodgeball! I was always the one hovering in the back just doing my best to stay alive!

    And the picture is adorable!